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Sariel is a fallen angel in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. He came to earth to be loved by humans, and not to betray God. Unfortunately, choosing the love of human beings over love for his Creator had caused Sariel to become a fallen angel, himself worshiped by humans on Earth. He is voiced by Josh Darcy.

Official descriptionEdit

"Charmed by the beauty of love shared between man and woman, Sariel fell to earth in order to love humanity and be loved by them.
His strong faith has earned him love and respect from both sexes across the world. Sariel fell to earth not to betray God, but to pursue his dreams of love, and he still retains his awe and reverence of God.
He stands up against Enoch in order to protect both the followers who adore him and the paradise he has built with them."


Sariel is very tall, with fair skin and long slim limbs. As a Fallen Angel, he features a tail between his shoulder blades. He has short blond hair, except for a lock behind his head that flows on his neck. His black armor is identical to that of the other Fallen Angels, underneath which is a light purple bodysuit.

As Nether Sariel, he takes the form of a gigantic, monstrous bat with a distorted voice. Both Sariel and Nether Sariel are vulnerable to the Veil weapon.


Chapter 2: The TowerEdit

Sariel first appears near the entrance of The Tower and fights Enoch, but Azazel interrupts the battle regardless of the outcome.

All seven Grigori then appear to Enoch as the latter begins to enter The Tower. Sariel is one of four to have anything to say to Enoch. Presumably, the appearance of all seven Grigori was the result of Sariel casting an illusion to fool Enoch.

Chapter 4: Sariel's DeceptionEdit

After Enoch has fully traversed three sections of Sariel's floor, a stairway will appear and lead Enoch to Sariel's location; Enoch and Sariel proceed to do battle once again. When Enoch destroys Sariel's armor, the latter transforms into Nether Sariel in a desperate attempt to win.

Enoch is easily overpowered by Sariel's batlike form, until Lucifel and Uriel come to his aid, the latter lending his power to Enoch as Overboost Mode.

When Enoch manages to defeat Nether Sariel, his people scream his name in despair; restored to his regular form, a sorrowful Sariel expresses remorse to his followers for having been defeated.

His Beloved then gather around him saying their farewells while he witnesses his Nephilim children disappearing. Sariel's soul is then purified, bound and imprisoned for all eternity.

Chapter 9: Enoch's Indecision Edit

Sariel, or an illusion of him, appears a final time as Enoch undergoes a test from Heaven to rid himself of the vileness he acquired while in The Darkness. Enoch must fight and defeat Sariel once more in order to progress.