Overboost is an ability in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. After extended battle Enoch will be able to unleash very powerful attacks whilst being defended for a limited amount of time. The following effects are added:

  • Stronger Attack:
    • Attack power raised; Enoch is put in Super Armor mode;
  • Armor Boost:
    • Enoch's armor is repaired and recovers gradually over time;
  • Uriel Smash:
    • Uriel adds an extra special attack to your arsenal.

Boost SkillEdit

During Overboost, Enoch can unleash Boost Skill, which will greatly increase the power of the weapon Enoch is currently wearing, unleashing a special attack.

Official descriptionEdit

"After extended battle, Enoch's body becomes engulfed in flame, allowing you to enter Overboost mode. Overboost enhances your powers in many ways for a limited time."