Enoch render
"No problem. Everything's fine."

Enoch is the protagonist and one of two playable characters in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. He was called to Heaven to serve as a scribe on the Council of Elders.

He is voiced by Blake Ritson.

"Enoch, the hero of our story, is a young man chosen by God for his strong, pure heart. He is human, but has been called to the heavens by the will of God to serve as a scribe on the Council of Elders.
He has descended to earth as an arbiter to pursue the Grigori, a group of fallen angels, and prevent the execution of God's plan to flood the earth."


He features shoulder-length blond hair emitting an aura at the back and wears nothing else for clothes but a pair of jeans and sandals underneath his scribe's robe and armor.

In cinematics he has fair skin, whereas in gameplay he is heavily tanned.


Enoch is proficient in bare-fist fighting, and can master the use of any object or weapon instantaneously by just touching it, from God's weapons to a motorbike.

As God's chosen one, Enoch can purify objects tainted by the vileness.



  • In the second debut trailer, Enoch has another line : "I'll take the best you have". He is referencing the White Armor given by Lucifel.
  • Enoch, as stated in the Book of Enoch and Genesis, is Noah's great grandfather.
  • Enoch is one of the only two still-living humans said to have been taken directly to heaven without first needing to die, the other is Elijah.
  • He eventually transcended his humanity to become an angel, whose name is Metatron. Interestingly, this was not shown in the game, despite "Ascension of the Metatron" being the subtitle.