List of armors worn by Enoch.

They can be used during the game.

White ArmorEdit

Enoch render
The armor given to Enoch by Lucifel.

Unlike every other armor, this one doesn't have a helm.

It is suggested that Methuselah is in possession of it.

Blue Old ArmorEdit

Blue Old Armor
Enoch's old armor. Trailers shows that that armor isn't as strong as the White Armor, therefore Enoch doesn't wear it for his quest. The helmet is shown on his desk in Heaven.

Rider ArmorEdit

Rider Armor
When Enoch arrives in Azazel's realm, he isn't wearing any armor. But when he meets Lucifel, a forcefield grants Enoch this armor, not Lucifel snapping his fingers.

Dark ArmorEdit

When Enoch is consumed by the vileness, he wears the Dark Armor.

Its design is similar to the armors of the Watchers.


Instead of wearing an armor, Enoch wears a jacket that fits with his jeans, becoming invincible.

But it cannot be used in Chapter 08 and 09 because of plot restrictions.